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The Care for Your Shoes and Boots, Explained by Varusteleka

Argentinean Military Boots of the Falklands War Times (1982)

Australian combat Boots, General Purpose, with direct moulded sole
Australian "Cadet" Combat Boots
The Australian "Terra" Combat Boots
Modern combat boots, used and approved by the Australian Defence Force

Austrian Army Boots (Bundesheer Kampfschuh)

Belgian Military Boots (from late 1960s to mid-1990s)
Belgian "Jungle" ABL Boots
Belgian "Desert" ABL Boots

Canadian CADPAT-TW (Temperate Woodland) Camouflage Combat Boots

Czech Republic
Military Boots of Czechoslovakia
Military Boots of the Czech Republic (since January 1, 1993)
Czech Military Boots for Desert and Jungle
Czech Army "Jungle" Boots Model 95 (AČR boty vz95)
Black "Jungle" Boots of AČR (Czech Armed Forces)
Czech Military "Pilot" Boots for Summer

Danish Army Boots Model M/58
Danish Army "Desert" Boots
Danish "Jungle" Boots Model M/94
Danish YDS Gore-Tex® Boots by LeBOCK
Danish Army WinTherm Insulated Patrol Boots (LeBOCK Patruljestovle WinTherm)
Danish Military Boots (Militærstøvler): "Special Forcee" and "JOLLY® Explorer GORE-TEX®"
Danish Army Boots Model M03 (JOLLY® Explorer)

Estonian Combat Boots (Eesti Kaitseväe saapad)
Estonian Black Combat "Desert" Boots (Eesti Kaitseväe saapad - must kõrbesaabas) Samelin model 598

Military Footwear of Finland (Leather and Rubber Boots)
Finnish Military Boots M91
Finnish Military Boots M05
Finnish Black Army Boots for Hot Climate
Rubber Boots of Finland Army

"Rangers" (BMJA 65 or BM65) - the Boots of the French Armed Forces
French Army Boots of First Half of the 20th Century (Models 1917, 1919, 1941, 1945, 1950)
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"Pataugas" - canvas and rubber boots of the French army ("Pataugas" - les chaussures de brousse de l'armée française)
French Military boots BMJA Mle 52 - "Rangers marrons"
French military desert boots (hot climate boots) (Brodequins Zone Chaude Armée Française)

GDR Boots for Paratroopers of NVA and the Ministry of State Security (Sprungstiefel des NVA und Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit der DDR)

Boots of Bundeswehr (Federal German Armed Forces) for "Paratroops" and "Infantrymen"
Bundeswehr Boots for Jungle and Desert Regions by "Baltes"
Contract Bundeswehr Desert Boots for the Hot and Arid Climate, Sandy-Colored (Wüstenstiefel der Bundeswehr - Kampfstiefel) from "Baltes"
Contract Bundeswehr Boots for a Hot and Humid Tropical Climate, Black and Green (Bundeswehr Tropenstiefel - Kampfstiefel)
Police and Special Forces Boots by "Baltes"
Bundeswehr Black Lace-up Boots Variant 1: With Smooth Leather (Die Schwarzen Schnurstiefel Variante 1: Der Glattleder-Schnurstiefel)
"BW Kampfstiefel Typ 2000" ("Bundeswehr Type 2000 Combat Boots")

Military Boots of Greece

Military Boots of the Netherlands - Model M90 (M400)
Mountain and Ski Boots of the Dutch Armed forces
Dutch Military Boots of Models M/57
Military Boots of the Netherlands - Model M/66
Dutch "Desert" Boots Model M92
Dutch Green Summer Boots (a Version of M92 "Desert" Boots)
"Jungle" Boots of the Netherlands, Model M93

Hungarian Military Boots

Military Boots of Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Italian Boots for Paratroopers (Scarpe Militari: "Anfibi" da para)

Norwegian Military Boots M/77 ("Støvel Marsj M/77")
Norwegian "Desert" Boots
Norwegian Winter "Booties" - the "Støvel Overtrekk"

Military Boots of Poland ("Opinacze")
Polish Army "Jump" Boots of Model 919/MON
"Szczury" ("Rats") - "Desert" Boots of Poland (Model WZ.920/P)
Tactical Boots "GROM" (Trzewiki "GROM") of Poland
Polish Army Winter Boots Model 933/MON (Buty (trzewiki) zimowe vzor 933/MON)
Polish Military Boots Model 928/MON with GORE-TEX® Membrane

Portuguese army combat laced boots (Botas m/964, m/967)
The Portuguese Paratrooper’s boots ("Botas à Pára-quedista")
Portuguese army M/964 tropical canvas boots
Portuguese Marines disembark (landing) boots

Slovak Military Boots
Slovakian Summer Boots "Kanady Silga S07058"

South Africa
South African Military Boots

Boots of the Spanish Armed Forces (Botas de Fuerzas Armadas Españolas)
Spanish triple buckled "Segarra" boots (Botas "Segarra" de tres hebillas)
Spanish combat boots by Iturri (with leather lining and "Panama"-type out-sole)
Boots of the Spanish Civil Guard (Bota de la Guardia Civil)
Bota U.I.P. - Spanish Boots for Police Intervention Units and National Police (BOTA DE LAS UNIDADES DE INTERVENCIÓN POLICIAL Y DEL CUERPO NACIONAL DE POLICIA)
Bota Nervión - Spanish Police Boots of the Ertzaintza (Autonomous Police of the Basque Country) (BOTA DE SERVICIO DE LA ERTZAINTZA)
Spanish "Vuelo" ("Flight") boots for FAMET (Aeromobile (Helicopter) troops of the Terrestrial Army) (Bota de Servicio de las FAMET (Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra) - Bota Vuelo)

Swedish Military Boots Model M/90
Swedish Military Boots for Summer (Model 01) - "Sommarkänga 01"
Swedish Military Rubber Boots Model M/90
Swedish Military Boots (from the 1940s to Model M/59 Boots)

Military footwear of Switzerland
Basic salary of the Swiss military personnel
Swiss mountain boots (Gebirgsjäger Bergschuhe) - old models
Swiss military gaiters
Swiss military boots - Kampfstiefel 90 (KS90)
"Hybrid" footwear of the Swiss Army: buckles and cuffs and "grenadier" boots
New boots of the Swiss army: KS LIGHT (AKU) and KS SCHWER GTX (AKU)
New "lightweight" combat boots of the Swiss Army - KS LIGHT (AKU) Armee-Kampfstiefel
New "heavy" combat boots of the Swiss Army - KS SCHWER GTX (AKU)
Swiss Army "desert" boots model 06 (Schweiz Wüsten - Kampfstiefel 06)
New socks of the Swiss Armed Forces
Swiss Army combat boots (KS 90) Generation II

American Military Boots (Mildew & Water Resistant, DMS, Speed-Lacing, Black Combat Boots)
Early U.S. "Jungle" Boots: M-42 and M-45 ("Okinawa Boots")
US "Jungle" Boots of the Vietnam War Era
US "Jungle" Boots with "Vibram®"-type out-soles
US "Jungle" Boots with "Panama"-type out-soles
Black U.S. "Jungle" Boots, Speed-Laces, "Panama"-type out-soles

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