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The following codewords are used to convey warnings of possible terrorist activity in Great Britain (GB).


Used to warn of non-specific forms of terrorist activity.


Used to warn of a threat of terrorist use of Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) and/or Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns (AAMG) against Service aircraft.

BIKINI Alert States - Definitions

There are 4 BIKINI Alert States which, in ascending order of severity, are listed and defined below:

◉ Black. The standard level of security that will always be in place to address the ever-present threat from domestic and international terrorist organisations.

◉ Black Special. Domestic or International events indicate the need for additional security to address a significant potential threat from terrorist organisations.

◉ Amber. Domestic or International events suggest that there is a heightened threat to government at this time from domestic or international terrorists seeking to act to exploit or react to these events.

◉ Red. This alert state will be applied at a location in the event of a significant security incident, such as the discovery of a suspect package or suspect vehicle. The emergency services are likely to attend at the scene.

TESSERAL Alert States - Definitions

There are 4 TESSERAL Alert States which, in ascending order of severity, are listed and defined below:

◉ Black. A general warning of possible terrorist attack against aircraft by extremists armed with man-portable SAM or AAMG without any particular target being defined. This Alert State is the minimum to be applied while terrorist organisations are assessed as posing an active threat to aircraft by SAM or AAMG attack in GB.

◉ Black Alpha. A general warning that there is an increased likelihood of extremists armed with man- portable SAM or AAMG attacking an aircraft at an unspecified location in GB.

◉ Amber. A warning that extremists armed with man- portable SAM or AAMG intend to attack an aircraft in GB in the near future. It could be issued as a general or local warning and would normally be applied for a limited period only.

◉ Red. A warning that an attack against an aircraft in GB by extremists armed with man-portable SAM or AAMG is imminent. It will normally only be issued as a local warning and for a very limited period.

The full definition of each Alert State and suite of counter- measures to be implemented is restricted information. Contact your Unit Security Officer, if further details are required.


The 4 Cs.

◉ Confirm. Location and description of the device. Do not touch or disturb it. If in doubt, treat as suspicious.

◉ Clear. Do not waste time or risk life for property. Evacuate area by the quickest route. Leave all doors open to allow EOD access.

◉ Cordon. Small IED-outto 100m (holdall). Medium IED - out to 200m (mortar blind). Large IED - out to 400m (car bomb).

◉ Control. Prevent personnel from straying into danger. Prevent evidence being disturbed or destroyed. Provide security.


The enemy is looking for you. Do not make it easy. Merge with your surroundings.

◉ Shape. Blend in with your surroundings and lose your shape.

◉ Shadow. Keep in the shadow of a bigger object and be aware as to where your shadow is cast.

◉ Silhouette. Do not stand against a skyline or lean out of windows.

◉ Texture. Do not contrast with your surroundings or shine.

◉ Spacing. Keep spread out. Avoid regular spacing of personnel, vehicles or tents unless under cam nets.

◉ Movement. Movement must be slow and cautious.

Successful camouflage and concealment requires your self-discipline.

◉ Do not sit in the sun, but remain in shadow when in a position likely to be overlooked by an enemy.

◉ At night do not smoke, light fires or use torch light unless permission is given.

◉ Always follow track plans.

◉ Wear and replace cam cream as the threat dictates.

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