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◉ Draw pistol from holster. Adopt the 'draw pistol' position.

◉ Check the top round is seated correctly in the magazine.

◉ Fit the magazine to the pistol, making sure that it is secure.

◉ Return pistol to holster, fasten holster.


◉ Adopt the 'draw pistol' position.

◉ Remove the magazine.

◉ Draw back and lock the slide open.

◉ Check that the weapon is clear.

◉ Release the slide.

◉ Replace a magazine, point the pistol in a safe direction, then operate the trigger.

◉ Remove the magazine, replace the pistol and magazine in the holster and fasten the holster.

◉ Pick up the ejected round.


◉ Draw the pistol quickly. Place the finger outside the trigger guard.

◉ Grip the rear of the slide on the ribbed part; pull the slide back sharply, let it go and apply the safety catch.


◉ Unload the pistol as taught.

◉ Load the pistol with a full magazine.


On completion of assembling the pistol, carry out the following function test:

◉ The Safety Catch: Cock the pistol and apply the safety catch, fit an empty magazine and operate the trigger two or three times. The hammer should not go forward.

◉ The Half Bent: The half bent is a safety device designed to prevent a loaded pistol being fired should it be dropped. The half bent must never be used as a safety catch. To test this feature:

◉ Pull back the slide approximately 15mm, which will cock the hammer on the half bent, release the slide. Operate the trigger, the hammer should remain back.

◉ With the right thumb cock the hammer fully to the rear and operate the trigger. The hammer should go forward.

◉ If the pistol fails any of these tests, the pistol is to be repaired by an armourer.


◉ Take cover.

◉ Look at the position of the slide.

◉ If the slide is to the rear and the magazine is empty, change the magazine, pull back and release the slide and go on firing.

◉ If the slide is fully or partially forward, pull it back, hold it back by applying the slide locking lever and look into the chamber and magazine.

◉ If there are rounds in the magazine and no loose rounds or empty case in the body or chamber, check that the magazine is correctly fitted, release the slide and go on firing.

◉ If there is a live round or empty case in the body or chamber, shake it out, release the slide and go on firing. If the obstruction cannot be cleared by shaking, remove the magazine and prise out the obstruction.

◉ Rounds taken out of the magazine, or half fed rounds from the body or chamber, are not to be used again.

◉ If, when firing on the range, the recoil of the pistol is less than usual, the report of the shot is muffled, or if there is an unusual amount of smoke or any combination of these three things, unload at once. Do not go on firing until the pistol has been stripped and the bore has been examined to make sure that no bullet has lodged in the barrel. To fire the pistol in this condition is dangerous to the firer and to those near him.

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