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Astronomy I

1-35 star map of the northern sky (northern hemisphere)
1-8 divisions of the sky
1 celestial pole with the Pole Star (Polaris, the North Star)
2 ecliptic (apparent annual path of the sun)
3 celestial equator (equinoctial line)
4 tropic of Cancer
5 circle enclosing circumpolar stars
6-7 equinoctial points (equinoxes)
6 vernal equinoctial point (first point of Aries)
7 autumnal equinoctial point
8 summer solstice (solstice)
9-48 constellations (grouping of fixed stars into figures) and names of stars
9 Aquila (the Eagle) with Altair the principal star (the brightest star)
10 Pegasus (the Winged Horse)
11 Cetus (the Whale) with Mira, a variable star
12 Eridamus (the Celestial River)
13 Orion (the Hunter) with Rigel, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix
14 Canis Major (the Great Dog, the Greater Dog) with Sirius (the Dog Star), a star of the first magnitude
15 Canis Minor (the Little Dog, the Lesser Dog) with Procyon
16 Hydra (the Water Snake, the Sea Serpent)
17 Leo (the Lion)
18 Virgo (the Virgin) with Spica
19 Libra (the Balance, the Scales)
20 Serpens (the Serpent)
21 Hercules
22 Lyra (the Lyre) with Vega
23 Cygnus (the Swan, the Northern Cross) with Deneb
24 Andromeda
25 Taurus (the Bull) with Aldebaran
26 The Pleiades (Pleiads, the Seven Sisters), an open cluster of stars
27 Auriga (the Wagoner, the Charioteer) with Capella
28 Gemini (the Twins) with Castor and Pollux
29 Ursa Major (the Great Bear, the Greater Bear, the Plough, Charles's Wain, Am. the Big Dipper) with the double star (binary star) Mizar and Alcor
30 Boötes (the Herdsman)
31 Corona Borealis (the Northern Crown)
32 Draco (the Dragon)
33 Cassiopeia
34 Ursa Minor (the Little Bear, Lesser Bear, Am. Little Dipper) with the Pole Star (Polaris, the North Star)
35 the Milky Way (the Galaxy)
36-48 the southern sky
36 Capricorn (the Goat, the Sea Goat)
37 Sagittarius (the Archer)
38 Scorpio (the Scorpion)
39 Centaurus (the Centaur)
40 Triangulum Australe (the Southern Triangle)
41 Pavo (the Peacock)
42 Grus (the Crane)
43 Octans (the Octant)
44 Crux (the Southern Cross, the Cross)
45 Argo (the Celestial Ship)
46 Carina (the Keel)
47 Pictor (the Painter)
48 Reticulum (the Net)

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