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Astronomy II

1-9 the moon
1 moon's path (moon's orbit round the earth)
2-7 lunar phases (moon's phases, lunation)
2 new moon
3 crescent (crescent moon, waxing moon)
4 half-moon (first quarter)
5 full moon
6 half-moon (last quarter, third quarter)
7 crescent (crescent moon, waning moon)
8 the earth (terrestrial globe)
9 direction of the sun's rays 10-21 apparent path of the sun at the beginning of the seasons
10 celestial axis
11 zenith
12 horizontal plane
13 nadir
14 east point
15 west point
16 north point
17 south point
18 apparent path of the sun on 21 December
19 apparent path of the sun on 21 March and 23 September
20 apparent path of the sun on 21 June
21 border of the twilight area 22-28 rotary motions of the earth's axis
22 axis of the ecliptic
23 celestial sphere
24 path of the celestial pole (precession and nutation)
25 instantaneous axis of rotation
26 celestial pole
27 mean axis of rotation
28 polhode
29-35 solar and lunar eclipse [not to scale]
29 the sun
30 the earth
31 the moon
32 solar eclipse
33 area of the earth in which the eclipse appears total
34-35 lunar eclipse
34 penumbra (partial shadow)
35 umbra (total shadow)
36-41 the sun
36 solar disc (disk) (solar globe, solar sphere)
37 sunspots
38 cyclones in the area of sunspots
39 corona (solar corona), observable during total solar eclipse or by means of special instruments
40 prominences (solar prominences)
41 moon's limb during a total solar eclipse
42-52 planets (planetary system, solar system) [not to scale] and planet symbols
42 the sun
43 Mercury
44 Venus
45 Earth, with the moon, a satellite
46 Mars, with two moons (satellites)
47 asteroids (minor planets)
48 Jupiter, with 14 moons (satellites)
49 Saturn, with 10 moons (satellites)
50 Uranus, with five moons (satellites)
51 Neptune, with two moons (satellites)
52 Pluto
53-64 signs of the zodiac (zodiacal signs)
53 Aries (the Ram)
54 Taurus (the Bull)
55 Gemini (the Twins)
56 Cancer (the Crab)
57 Leo (the Lion)
58 Virgo (the Virgin)
59 Libra (the Balance, the Scales)
60 Scorpio (the Scorpion)
61 Sagittarius (the Archer)
62 Capricorn (the Goat, the Sea Goat)
63 Aquarius (the Water Carrier, the Water Bearer)
64 Pisces (the Fish)

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