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The Royal Artillery (RA) used to be accredited with battle honours like other regiments, but in 1833 the motto Ubiquewas confirmed to the RA and the Royal Engineers (RE) in recognition of their ubiquitous services in all theatres of war and as an alternative to unnecessary awards of individual battle honours. In 1925 the War Office directed that distinctions originally attached to certain batteries should be acknowledged and honour titles were duly registered for batteries of the RA:

36 (Arcot) Bty, RA, for India, 1751.

9 (Plassey) Bty, RA, for India, 1757.

53 (Louisburg) Bty, RA, for Canada, 1758.

12 and 32 (Minden) Batteries, RA, for Germany, 1759.

18 (Quebec 1759) Bty, RA, for Wolfe's campaign to win Canada.

5, 19, 21, 22 and 23 (Gibraltar 1779-83) batteries, RA, for the Great Siege.

34 and 38 (Seringapatam) Batteries, RA, for India, 1799.

24 (Irish) Bty, RA, for service in the Americas and Flanders before the Royal Irish Artillery batteries were transferred to the Royal Artillery in 1801, after which the unit added to its war record.

F (Sphinx) Bty, Royal Horse Artillery (RHA), and 4, 7, 11 and 93 (Sphinx) batteries, RA, for Egypt, 1801.

10 (Assaye) Bty, RA, for India, 1803.

13 (Martinique 1809) and 74 (The Battleaxe Company), RA, for the West Indies, 1809.

52 (Niagara) Bty, RA, for Canada, 1813.

A Bty (The Chestnut Troop), RHA, for the Peninsular War.

I Bty (Bull's Troop), RHA, for the Peninsular War.

17 and 29 (Corunna) Batteries, RA, for Spain, 1808-9.

46 (Talavera) Bty, RA, for Spain, 1809.

97 Bty (Lawson's Company), RA, for Spain, 1808-13.

G (Mercer's Troop) and H Bty (Ramsay's Troop), RHA, and 16 (Sandham's Company), 30 Rogers's Company) and 43 (Lloyd's Company), RA, for Waterloo 1815.

O Bty (The Rocket Troop), RHA, for Leipzig, 1813, and Waterloo, 1815.

137 (Java) Bty, RA, for the Far East, 1811.

132 Bty (The Bengal Rocket Troop), RA, for Asia, 1816-61.

79 (Kirkee) Bty, RA, for India, 1817.

88 (Arracan) Bty, RA, for Burma, 1825.

57 (Bhurtpore) Bty, RA, for the Jat War, 1826.

T Bty (Shah Sujah's Troop), RHA, for Afghanistan, 1839.

51 (Kabul 1842) Bty, RA, for Arghanistan.

54 (Maharajpore) Bty, RA, for India, 1843.

N Bty (The Eagle Troop), RHA, for India, 1843.

8 (Alma) Bty, RA, for the Crimea, 1854.

49, 152 and 156 (Inkerman) batteries, RA, for the Crimea, 1854.

143 Bty (Tombs's Troop) for Delhi, 1857.

55 (The Residency) Bty, RA, for Lucknow, 1857.

76 (Maude's) Bty, RA, for the Indian Mutiny, 1857.

56 (Olphert's) Bty, RA, for Lucknow, 1857.

58 (Eyre's) Bty, RA, for the Indian Mutiny, 1857.

160 Bty (Middleton's Company), RA, for Lucknow and Cawnpore, 1857.

27 (Strange's) Bty, RA, for the Indian Mutiny, 1857.

P (Dragon) Bty, RHA, and 111, 127 and 129 (Dragon) batteries, RA, for China 1840-1.

94 (New Zealand) Bty, RA, for the Maori Wars, 1861-3.

145 (Maiwand) Bty, RA, for Afghanistan, 1880.

171 (The Broken Wheel) Bty, RA, for Egypt, 1882.

159 (Colenso) Bty, RA, for South Africa, 1899.

Q (Sanna's Post) Bty, RHA, for South Africa, 1900.

14 (Cole's Kop) Bty, RA, for South Africa, 1900.

92 (Le Cateau) Bty, RA, for France, 1914.

L (Nery) Bty, RHA, for France, 1914.

K (Hondegham) Bty, RHA, for Belgium 1940.

J (Sidi Rezegh) Bty, RHA, for Libya 1941.

42 (Alem Hamza) Bty, RA, for Libya 1941.

59 (Asten) Bty, RA, for Belgium 1944.

148 (Meiktila) Bty, RA, for Burma 1945.

170 (Imjin) Bty, RA, for Korea 1951.

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