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2nd Infantry Division ('Indian Head'). Normandy. France, Ardennes. Leipzig (Germany). Full-colour Indian's head in blue warbonnet on white star on black shield.

4th Infantry Division ('Ivy'). Normandy, France. Bastogne (Ardennes), Germany. Four conjoined green ivy leaves on khaki diamond.

5th Infantry Division ('Red Diamond'). Normandy, Metz (Fiance). Ardennes. Mainz-Worms Bridgehead (Germany). Red diamond.

8th Infantry Division ('Pathfinder'). Normandy, Brittany, France, Ardennes. Cologne (Germany). Yellow arrow through white 8 on blue shield.

17th Airborne Division ('Golden Talon'). Ardennes, Rhine crossing, Germany. Yellow eagle's talon on black disc edged khaki, below yellow-on-black 'Airborne' tab.

26th Infantry Division ('Yankee'). France. Ardennes, Siegried Line (Germany). Dark blue 'YD' monogram on khaki diamond.

28th Infantry Division ('Keystone'). Normandy. Colmar Pocket (France), Hürtgen Forest. Ardennes. Germany. Red keystone shape.

29th Infantry Division ('Blue & Grey'). Normandy. France. Siegfried Line, Aachen (Germany). Dark blue/grey 'yin & yang'.

30th Infantry Division ('Old Hickory'). Normandy, France, Ardennes, Germany. Blue 'H' and 'XXX' on red oval edged blue.

35th Infantry Division ('Santa Fe'). Normandy. Metz. Nancy (France). Ardennes, Ruhr (Germany). White crosses and circle on dark blue disc.

42nd Infantry Division ('Rainbow'). Schweinfurt. Munich, Dachau (Germany). Quadrant of red, yellow, blue rainbow.

44th Infantry Division ('Two Fours'). Saar, Ulm (Germany), Danube River. Blue opposed 4s on yellow disc edged blue.

63rd Infantry Division ('Blood & Fire'). Bavaria (Germany). Danube River. Yellow bayonet, red flames and blood, on khaki teardrop.

65th Infantry Division ('Battle Axe'). Saarlautern, Regensburg (Germany), Danube River. White halberd on blue shield.

66th Infantry Division ('Black Panther'). Lorient, St Nazaire (France). Germany. Black panther head, red & white details, on orange disc edged red.

69th Infantry Division ('Fighting 69th') Germany. Interlocked, stylised red '6' & blue '9' edged white.

70th Infantry Division ('Trailblazer'). Saarbrücken, Moselle River (Germany). White axehead & mountain, green trees, on red background.

71st Infantry Division ('Red Circle'). Hartz Mountains (Germany). Blue stylised '71' on white disc edged red.

75th Infantry Division Ardennes. Westphalia (Germany). Blue '7' & red '5' on red\white\blue shield.

76th Infantry Division ('Onaway'). Luxembourg, Germany. White heraldic label on blue over red shield, narrow green divider.

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