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Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

The "Wobblin' Goblin"

Rumors abounded that the handling of the F-117 was somewhat erratic, especially when refueling. As a result, one of the first nicknames for the plane was the "Wobblin' Goblin"

An expensive bird

Only 59 production F-117s were built, yet the total cost of the program is over six billion dollars.

In harm's way

The F-117 was the only Coalition aircraft able to operate with complete freedom over Baghdad's extensive antiaircraft defenses.

Lethal weapon

The Nighthawk used laser-guided weapons to destroy Iraqi headquarters and concrete bunkers.

Gulf War spearhead

Forty F-117s were deployed to the Gulf.


▶ The 40 F-117s deployed to the Gulf flew more than 1,270 missions, dropping 30 percent of all precision-guided munitions.

▶ One B-52 bomber has a larger radar cross- section than all the F-117s put together.

▶ The F-117 was operational for seven years before it made its first public appearance.

▶ The F-117's weapon system can hit a target one yard square.

▶ The first combat use of the F-117 came in Panama on December 21, 1989.

▶ The F-117's radar cross-section is about one one-hundredth of a square yard - about the same as that of a seagull.

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