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First Aid for Blister Agent

Make sure you and casualty are in correct IPE. Remember, blister agent will remain both a contact and vapour hazard for a long time.

If casualty has had agent in the eyes during the last 5 minutes, flush them with plenty of water. If more than 5 minutes have passed, leave them for medical treatment. Replace respirator.

Decontaminate suspect areas with DKP 1 and try to swab off Fuller's Earth powder with water. Check in particular for reddened skin around hairline, behind ears and on hands.

Dress any blisters with casualty's shell dressing after first decontaminating the skin. Cover with chemical proof material. On no account break the blisters.

Evacuate to medical aid.

First Aid for Mental Incapacitants or Atropine poisoning

Make sure you and casualty are in correct IPE.

Remove casualty's weapon, ammo and bayonet.

Try to get him to drink.

Observe, restrain if necessary, reassure.

Evacuate to medical aid.


a. Copy out the first aid for each group of agents until you know them without looking.

b. Practise on exercises.


You have to be able to:

Follow the correct procedure for eating and drinking safely while wearing a S10 respirator in a vapour hazard.

Study Notes

Some NBC agents will persist for hours or days. If you cannot move to a clean area and decontaminate or use collective protection you will have to continue to wear full IPE. Sooner or later you will have to break the protective seal of your IPE to eat. Because eating will expose you to chemical agent it is hazardous and is only to be carried out if absolutely necessary. Emergency procedures therefore apply.

You need to be under cover or have confirmed that liquid agent is not falling.

Food should be stored under cover away from liquid agent and only food in tins or wrapping which is resistant to chemical vapour should be eaten.

While you can survive for some time without food you need to drink frequently, particularly when working in full IPE. The S10 is designed to permit you to do this safely even when in a vapour hazard area, but you must follow the correct sequence:

Drinking Drill

If liquid present, decontaminate water bottle pouch.

Remove the water bottle, make sure it contains water by shaking it, put it on an uncontaminated surface.

Remove drinking cup from bottle.

If liquid agent present decontaminate bottle cap, stopper, and Drinking Coupler Male (DCM) and drinking tube.

Remove stopper from bottle cap. Withdraw DCM from its holding.

If liquid present decontaminate the mating surfaces on DCM and bottle cap.

Tap the DCM against the bottle cap to remove any Fuller's Earth then insert DCM into the cap WITH ENOUGH PRESSURE TO OPEN THE VALVES.

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