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(4) Excessive sweating.

(5) Vomiting.

(6) Muscular twitching.

If several of these are present, treat for nerve agent (Task 10). If not, assume an unknown agent and evacuate to medical aid.

Pupils Dilated

Pupils Normal

Once you decide which agent group has poisoned the casualty you can give the correct first aid treatment for that group. This guide tells you what to do. The enemy may, however, use a mixture of agents or new agents which you would be unable to recognise from symptoms. In this case evacuate to medical aid as quickly as possible.

First Aid for Nerve Agent

Make sure you and the casualty are in correct IPE.

Inject casualty with his own CP as in Task 10. Put used CP back in casualty's haversack.

Never give more than 3 injections at 15 minute intervals.

Evacuate to medical aid.

First Aid for Choking Agent

Make sure you and casualty are in correct IPE.

Keep warm.

If not otherwise contaminated, remove the respirator and put the casualty in a casualty bag. Keep casualty out of wind and under cover, if possible.

Evacuate on stretcher to medical aid regardless of severity of symptoms.

Chemical casualty bag is used to protect un- contaminated casualties in a contaminated or potentially contaminated area.

First Aid for Blood Agent

Make sure you and casualty are in correct IPE.

Keep warm.

Evacuate to medical aid.

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