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You have to be able to:

a. Carry out the chemical immediate decontamination (ID) drill when:

(1) You are contaminated before completing the IA drill.

(2) You are contaminated while wearing full IPE.

b. Use the DKP1 and DKP 2 to decontaminate your:

◉ Hands, face, ears, neck and hair.

◉ Respirator.

◉ Helmet.

◉ Overboots.

◉ Personal weapon, radio, etc.

Study Notes

If you are attacked with liquid chemical agent when not in full IPE you may get droplets on your hands, face, and the inside of your respirator as you put it on. All liquid agent must be removed before it penetrates your skin or you breathe in the vapour it gives off. There is no point in decontaminating until you can get under cover or liquid agent has stopped falling.

The ID drill involves the use of the DKP 1 and DKP 2. You are issued with a wallet containing 4 DKP 1 pads. The DKP 1 is a cloth pad filled with Fuller's Earth, a powder which will absorb liquid chemical agent and retain it. The best way of using the pad is to hold it by inserting 3 or 4 fingers through the centre of the pad and rapidly blotting the top of the pad over the suspected contamination. Then turn the pad over and bang it on the surface to release Fuller's Earth powder and follow this by rubbing the pad over the whole surface to spread the powder. The order is - BLOT - BANG - RUB. The DKP 1 is most suitable for decontaminating your gloves, hands, face and respirator. It is not safe to retain a used pad, so when finished break it open and use it on your overboots.

You are also issued with a DKP 2, a plastic puffer bottle containing Fuller's Earth. This is used to blow Fuller's Earth into places which are inaccessible to the DKP 1 pad. The DKP 2 is suitable for decontaminating your overboots and personal equipment. Powder from the DKP 2 is rubbed in using a DKP 1 pad on your gloved hand. Note: Thickened agent needs to be scraped off before using DKP.

Full ID Drill

Complete the IA Drill.

Decontaminate your hands, gloves, respirator and speech module and the areas of your IPE that you will touch in order to take off your respirator.

Gloves illustrated, drill is same for bare hands.




Remove helmet, place between knees, push back hood.

Hold breath. Remove your respirator. (Do this as often as necessary to complete drill). Blow out hard each time the respirator is replaced.

If agent has entered your eyes flush them with water (only if within 5 minutes of attack with blister agent).

Don Respirator.

Open DKP 1.

Decontaminate face, ears, neck, hair, then inside of respirator (clean eyepieces later). Repeat as often as necessary.

Decontaminate outside of respirator.

Open DKP 2. Decontaminate Helmet.

Decontaminate Overboots.

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