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You have to be able to:

a. Identify NATO signs which warn of NBC contamination.

b. Recognise and know the meaning of both alarms and warnings.

Study Notes

Standard NATO signs are used to mark ground, vehicles and stores, facing outward from the contamination. The signs are triangular and coloured as shown in these examples.

When details of the contamination are known these are to be written on the front of the sign as follows:

a. Chemical and Biological (Gas/Bio):

(1) Type of Agent.

(2) Date/time contamination detected.

b. Radiological/Nuclear (Atom):

(1) Dose rate.

(2) Date/time of reading.

(3) Date/time of detonation which produced the contamination.

As soon as a NBC hazard is identified, a local alarm is to be given. On land this will take the form of one or more of the following:

a. Calls of "Gas, Gas, Gas" or "Fallout, Fallout, Fallout".

b. A succession of signals on vehicle or other horns (one second on, one second off) or the beating of metal objects to make a loud noise.

c. Interrupted warbling of a siren.

d. Audio-visual pyrotechnical producing a whistling sound and yellow, red, yellow lights.

e. Donning of respirators with appropriate signals.

f. Display of a BLACK sign, preferably tri-angular in shape.

All clear will be made known by:

a. Vocal "All clear".

b. Steady siren, sustained blast on horn, whistle or other wind instrument, when clear from both NBC and air attack.

c. Radiobroadcasts.

d. Removal of Black signs.


a. Draw NBC Warning signs and write on them examples of the information you would expect to find.

b. Learn to recognise the different alarms and their meaning.


You have to know:

When to take action to protect yourself from chemical attack. To do this you must know:

a. The Chemical Safety Rule (CSR).

b. The reaction of liquid chemical agent on one colour detector paper.

Study Notes

When an enemy uses chemical agent he will try to achieve surprise. He may mix chemical with high explosive munitions, or use methods of delivery which you are unlikely to see or hear.

When chemical attack is expected you must be ready to follow the Chemical Safety Rule. In this case you must not wait for an order to mask but must do so automatically when circumstances arise which may mean you are being subjected to a chemical attack. The CSR can be modified by your commander. Survival will depend on your speed of reaction.

The Rule is as follows: If you:

a. Experience - a bombardment of any kind.

b. Sight - hostile or unknown low flying aircraft.

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