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As soon as possible after use:

m. Wipe the inside of the facepiece dry with a disinfecting cloth.

n. Clean the eyepieces with a moist, lint free cloth.

o. Wash out the drinking device if it has been used.

p. Report any damage at once.

If Fuller's Earth accumulates on the facepiece, remove the canister and dip the facepiece in warm slightly soapy water. Rinse in clean water, drain, shake, leave to dry naturally.

The S10 respirator and haversack should be inspected by, or under the supervision of, a qualified or authorised officer or NCO at the following intervals:

a. If not in constant use, every six months.

b. If in constant use, weekly.

c. If in storage, every 12 months.

Observe the following points in the care and use of the S10:

a. Check the valves regularly.

b. If misting occurs check the outlet valve is working correctly.

c. Use only a soft cloth to clean the eyepieces with mild soap to remove grease.

d. If eyepieces are scratched and you cannot carry out your duties change them at unit level.

e. Shave every 24 hours to ensure growth does not affect the respirator seal.


Note and follow the above instructions.


You have to know:

When and how to take Nerve Agent Pre-treatment Set (NAPS) tablets.

You have to be able to:

Follow the correct drills for taking NAPS.

Study Notes

When there is a danger of nerve agent being used, you will be ordered to start a pre-treatment course of NAPS to increase your body's resistance. NAPS are issued in packs of 21 tablets. One tablet is to be taken every 8 hours. The interval is important so you must be able to continue taking them even when there is a vapour hazard. Taking NAPS more frequently can be harmful.

Taking NAPS in a Vapour Hazard

Ensure that no liquid agent is falling or take cover before following this drill.

Decontaminate your gloves, respirator and pocket/haversack containing NAPS.

Loosen neck fastening.

Take out NAPS.

Remove NAPS from the outer cover.

Press one tablet with thumb from clear side through aluminium foil into gloved hand.

Replace NAPS pack in cover and back in pocket/haversack.

Take a few deep breaths and hold last one.

Close eyes, grasp respirator PSM and pull the facepiece away from face and upward just far enough to give access to your mouth.

Place the tablet in your mouth and put it under your tongue.

Replace respirator, blow out hard and continue normal breathing, open eyes.

Swallow the tablet.

Adjust hood, fasten neck and pocket.


a. Learn when to take NAPS.

b. Practise the drill for taking NAPS in a vapour hazard.

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