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1 Colour Detector Paper

Stick one sheet to each receptor patch on suit and on overboots.

Dress States

0Respirator/Mask Carried1st set of IPE within Unit
1Respirator/Mask CarriedIPE carried or immediately available
2Respirator/Mask CarriedSuit worn, Boots & Gloves carried
3Respirator/Mask CarriedSuit & Boots worn, Gloves carried
4Respirator/Mask CarriedSuit, Boots & Gloves worn (Hood Up)

Note: the following suffixes may be added to any Dress State -

a R for Respirator worn. (NATO allies may use M).

b. JACKET OPEN or JACKET OFF to allow for ventilation and can be added for Dress States 2 or 3.


a. Practise putting on suit and overboots.

b. Make sure your items are correct size.

c. Starting with hood up and helmet on, practise putting on your respirator and gloves. You must learn to don the respirator, following the correct drill, within 9 seconds.


You have to be able to:

Look after your respirator in such a way that it will function properly when you need it.

Study Notes

Your respirator is the most important piece of your NBC IPE. You will not survive a chemical attack if it does not work properly. It is an individual issue so looking after it is in your own interests.

In particular:

a. Don't let others wear it.

b. Always stow it correctly in the haversack (Task 1).

c. Don't cram extra items into the haversack.

d. Don't fiddle with its fittings.

e. Don't store close to radiators or hot pipes.

f. Don't put heavy objects on top of it.

g. Don't hang it up by head harness.

h. Keep water out of the canister.

i. Don't drink anything but water through the drinking device.

j. Take it out of the haversack once a week for a short time to avoid distortion of the facepiece.

k. Do not fold the harness back onto the facepiece as this leads to stretch.

l. Report any damage to your NBC Instructor at once.

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