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Mk 4

Pull trouser legs overtop of overboots and secure the side velcro fasteners.

Mk 5


Pull hood over head and secure by velcro fastener. Pull out flap to ensure a good seal.


White inner cotton gloves first, cuff under jacket cuff. Pull outer gloves on over the cuff of the jacket.

The S10 Respirator

The S10 will protect your eyes, nose, throat, lungs and face against biological and chemical agents and radioactive dust. It comes in 4 sizes. The main parts of the facepiece are shown here. The canister mount can be fitted to either the left or right side. It must be changed by your NBC instructor. There is a different eyepiece for those who need corrective lenses.

Airguide Clip

An unbuttoned airguide may lead to misting of the eyepieces. Check it is correctly fastened at frequent intervals, particularly after cleaning.

Drill for Donning

Stop breathing, close eyes, turn back to wind, lean forward, shield hands. Remove helmet (and spectacles). Place helmet between knees, top uppermost.

Pull back hood.

Grasp the respirator by the PSM and remove from haversack.

Put thumbs under bottom 4 harness straps and keep apart. Thrust chin into facepiece.

Pull harness over head allowing plenty of space, release gently. Check head pad is central and no straps are twisted.

Blow out hard.

Shout "GAS, GAS, GAS".

Continue normal breathing, open eyes.

Pull up hood.

Check elasticated edge of hood located over rib of respirator. Check seal of suit under chin.

Replace helmet, (pick up glasses).

Do up haversack.

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