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Garden and Field Pests

1-19 fruit pests
1 gipsy (gypsy) moth
2 batch (cluster) of eggs
3 caterpillar
4 chrysalis (pupa)
5 small ermine moth, an ermine moth
6 larva (grub)
7 tent
8 caterpillar skeletonizing a leaf
9 fruit surface eating tortrix moth (summer fruit tortrix moth)
10 appleblossom weevil, a weevil
11 punctured, withered flower (blossom)
12 hole for laying eggs
13 lackey moth
14 caterpillar
15 eggs
16 winter moth, a geometrid
17 caterpillar
18 cherry fruit fly, a borer
19 larva (grub, maggot)
20-27 vine pests
20 downy mildew, a mildew, a disease causing leaf drop
21 grape affected with downy mildew
22 grape-berry moth
23 first-generation larva of the grape-berry moth (Am. grape worm)
24 second-generation larva of the grape-berry moth (Am. grape worm)
25 chrysalis (pupa)
26 root louse, a grape phylloxera
27 root gall (knotty swelling of the root, nodosity, tuberosity)
28 brown-tail moth
29 caterpillar
30 batch (cluster) of eggs
31 hibernation cocoon
32 woolly apple aphid (American blight), an aphid
33 gall caused by the woolly apple aphid
34 woolly apple aphid colony
35 San-José scale, a scale insect (scale louse)
36 larvae (grubs) [male elongated, female round]
37-55 field pests
37 click beetle, a snapping beetle (Am. snapping bug)
38 wireworm, larva of the click beetle
39 flea beetle
40 Hessian fly, a gall midge (gall gnat)
41 larva (grub)
42 turnip moth, an earth moth
43 chrysalis (pupa)
44 cutworm, a caterpillar
45 beet carrion beetle
46 larva (grub)
47 large cabbage white butterfly
48 caterpillar of the small cabbage white butterfly
49 brown leaf-eating weevil, a weevil
50 feeding site
51 sugar beet eelworm, a nematode (a threadworm, hairworm)
52 Colorado beetle (potato beetle)
53 mature larva (grub)
54 young larva (grub)
55 eggs
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