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Domestic Animals

m. = male; c. = castrated; f. = female; y. = young
1-2 cattle
1 cow, a ruminant; m. bull; c. ox; f. cow; y. calf
2 horse; m. stallion; c. gelding; f. mare; y. foal
3 donkey
4 pack saddle (carrying saddle)
5 pack (load)
6 tufted tail
7 tuft
8 mule, a cross between a male donkey and a mare
9 pig, a cloven-hoofed animal; m. boar; f. sow; y. piglet
10 pig's snout (snout)
11 pig's ear
12 curly tail
13 sheep; m. ram; c. wether; f. ewe; y. lamb
14 goat
15 goat's beard
16 dog, a Leonberger; m. dog; f. bitch; y. pup (puppy, whelp)
17 cat, an Angora cat (Persian cat); m. torn (torn cat)
18-36 small domestic animals
18 rabbit; m. buck; f. doe
19-36 poultry (domestic fowl)
19-26 chicken
19 hen
20 crop (craw)
21 cock (Am. rooster); c. capon
22 cockscomb (comb, crest)
23 lap
24 wattle (gill, dewlap)
25 falcate (falcated) tail
26 spur
27 guinea fowl
28 turkey; m. turkey cock (gobbler); f. turkey hen
29 fan tail
30 peacock
31 peacock's feather
32 eye (ocellus)
33 pigeon; m. cock pigeon
34 goose; m. gander; y. gosling
35 duck; m. drake; y. duckling
36 web (palmations) of webbed foot (palmate foot)

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