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Fodder Plants (Forage Plants)

1-28 fodder plants (forage plants) for tillage
1 red clover (purple clover)
2 white clover (Dutch clover)
3 alsike clover (alsike)
4 crimson clover
5 four-leaf (four-leaved) clover
6 kidney vetch (lady's finger, lady- finger)
7 flower
8 pod
9 lucerne (lucern, purple medick)
10 sainfoin (cock's head, cockshead)
11 bird's foot (bird-foot, bird's foot trefoil)
12 corn spurrey (spurrey, spurry), a spurrey (spurry)
13 common comfrey, one of the borage family (Boraginaceae)
14 flower (blossom)
15 field bean (broad bean, tick bean, horse bean)
16 pod
17 yellow lupin
18 common vetch
19 chick-pea
20 sunflower
21 mangold (mangelwurzel, mangoldwurzel, field mangel)
22 false oat (oat-grass)
23 spikelet
24 meadow fescue grass, a fescue
25 cock's foot (cocksfoot)
26 Italian ryegrass; sim.: perennial ryegrass (English ryegrass)
27 meadow foxtail, a paniculate grass
28 greater burnet saxifrage

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