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Agriculture (Farming)

1-41 work in the fields
1 fallow (fallow field, fallow ground)
2 boundary stone
3 boundary ridge, a balk (baulk)
4 field
5 farmworker (agricultural worker, farmhand, farm labourer, Am. laborer)
6 plough (Am. plow)
7 clod
8 furrow
9 stone
10-12 sowing
10 sower
11 seedlip
12 seed corn (seed)
13 field guard
14 chemical fertilizer (artificial fertilizer); kinds: potash fertilizer, phosphoric acid fertilizer, lime fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer
15 cartload of manure (farmyard manure, dung)
16 oxteam (team of oxen, Am. span of oxen)
17 fields (farmland)
18 farm track (farm road)
19-30 hay harvest (haymaking)
19 rotary mower with swather (swath reaper)
20 connecting shaft (connecting rod)
21 power take-off (power take-off shaft)
22 meadow
23 swath (swathe)
24 tedder (rotary tedder)
25 tedded hay
26 rotary swather
27 trailer with pickup attachment
28 fence rack (rickstand), a drying rack for hay
29 rickstand, a drying rack for hay
30 hay tripod
31-41 grain harvest and seedbed preparation
31 combine harvester
32 cornfield
33 stubble field
34 bale of straw
35 straw baler (straw press), a high- pressure baler
36 swath (swathe) of straw (windrow of straw)
37 hydraulic bale loader
38 trailer
39 manure spreader
40 four-furrow plough (Am. plow)
41 combination seed-harrow

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