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1 corn flower (bluebottle), a centaury
2 corn poppy (field poppy), a poppy
3 bud
4 poppy flower
5 seed capsule containing poppy seeds
6 corn cockle (corn campion, crown-of-the-field)
7 corn marigold (field marigold), a chrysanthemum
8 corn camomile (field camomile, camomile, chamomile)
9 shepherd's purse
10 flower
11 fruit (pouch-shaped pod)
12 common groundsel
13 dandelion
14 flower head (capitulum)
15 infructescence
16 hedge mustard, a mustard
17 stonecrop
18 wild mustard (charlock, runch)
19 flower
20 fruit, a siliqua (pod)
21 wild radish (jointed charlock)
22 flower
23 fruit (siliqua, pod)
24 common orache (common orach)
25 goosefoot
26 field bindweed (wild morning glory), a bindweed
27 scarlet pimpernel (shepherd's weatherglass, poor man's weatherglass, eye-bright)
28 wild barley (wall barley)
29 wild oat
30 common couch grass (couch, quack grass, quick grass, quitch grass, scutch grass, twitch grass, witchgrass); sim.: bearded couch grass, sea couch grass
31 gallant soldier
32 field eryngo (Watling Street thistle), a thistle
33 stinging nettle, a nettle

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