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Vegetables (Vegetable Plants)

1-11 leguminous plants (Leguminosae)
1 pea, a plant with a papilionaceous corolla
2 pea flower
3 pinnate leaf
4 pea tendril, a leaf tendril
5 stipule
6 legume (pod), a seed vessel (pericarp, legume)
7 pea [seed]
8 bean plant (bean), a climbing plant (climber, creeper); varieties: broad bean (runner bean, Am. scarlet runner), climbing bean (climber, pole bean), scarlet runner bean; smaller: dwarf French bean (bush bean)
9 bean flower
10 twining beanstalk
11 bean [pod with seeds]
12 tomato
13 cucumber
14 asparagus
15 radish
16 white radish
17 carrot
18 stump-rooted carrot
19 parsley
20 horse-radish
21 leeks
22 chives
23 pumpkin (Am. squash); sim.: melon
24 onion
25 onion skin
26 kohlrabi
27 celeriac
28-34 brassicas (leaf vegetables)
28 chard (Swiss chard, seakale beet)
29 spinach
30 Brussels sprouts (sprouts)
31 cauliflower
32 cabbage (round cabbage, head of cabbage), a brassica; cultivated races (cultivars): green cabbage, red cabbage
33 savoy (savoy cabbage)
34 kale (curly kale, kail), a winter green
35 scorzonera (black salsify)
36-40 salad plants
36 lettuce (cabbage lettuce, head of lettuce)
37 lettuce leaf
38 corn salad (lamb's lettuce)
39 endive (endive leaves)
40 chicory (succory, salad chicory)
41 globe artichoke
42 sweet pepper (Spanish paprika)

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