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Hairstyles and Beards

1-25 men's beards and hairstyles (haircuts)
1 long hair worn loose
2 allonge periwig (full-bottomed wig), a wig; shorter and smoother: bob wig, toupet
3 curls
4 bag wig (purse wig)
5 pigtail wig
6 queue (pigtail)
7 bow (ribbon)
8 handlebars (handlebar moustache, Am. mustache)
9 centre (Am. center) parting
10 goatee (goatee beard), chintuft
11 closely-cropped head of hair (crew cut)
12 whiskers
13 Vandyke beard (stiletto beard, bodkin beard), with waxed moustache (Am. mustache)
14 side parting
15 full beard (circular beard, round beard)
16 tile beard
17 shadow
18 head of curly hair
19 military moustache (Am. mustache) (English-style moustache)
20 partly bald head
21 bald patch
22 bald head
23 stubble beard (stubble, short beard bristles)
24 side-whiskers (sideboards, sideburns)
25 clean shave
26 Afro look (for men and women)
27-38 ladies' hairstyles (coiffures, women's and girls' hairstyles)
27 ponytail
28 swept-back hair (swept-up hair, pinned-up hair)
29 bun (chignon)
30 plaits (bunches)
31 chaplet hairstyle (Gretchen style)
32 chaplet (coiled plaits)
33 curled hair
34 shingle (shingled hair, bobbed hair)
35 pageboy style
36 fringe (Am. bangs)
37 earphones
38 earphone (coiled plait)

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