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Hospital III

1-30 intensive care unit
1-9 control room
1 central control unit for monitoring heart rhythm (cardiac rhythm) and blood pressure
2 electrocardiogram monitor (ECG monitor)
3 recorder
4 recording paper
5 patient's card
6 indicator lights (with call buttons for each patient)
7 spatula
8 window (observation window, glass partition)
9 blind
10 bed (hospital bed)
11 stand for infusion apparatus
12 infusion bottle
13 tube for intravenous drips
14 infusion device for water-soluble medicaments
15 sphygmomanometer
16 cuff
17 inflating bulb
18 mercury manometer
19 bed monitor
20 connecting lead to the central control unit
21 electrocardiogram monitor (ECG monitor)
22 manometer for the oxygen supply
23 wall connection for oxygen treatment
24 mobile monitoring unit
25 electrode lead to the short-term pacemaker
26 electrodes for shock treatment
27 ECG recording unit
28 electrocardiogram monitor (ECG monitor)
29 control switches and knobs (controls) for adjusting the monitor

30 control buttons for the pacemaker unit
31 pacemaker (cardiac pacemaker)
32 mercury battery
33 programmed impulse generator
34 electrode exit point
35 electrode
36 implantation of the pacemaker
37 internal cardiac pacemaker (internal pacemaker, pacemaker)
38 electrode inserted through the vein
39 cardiac silhouette on the X-ray
40 pacemaker control unit
41 electrocardiograph (ECG recorder)
42 automatic impulse meter
43 ECG lead to the patient
44 monitor unit for visual monitoring of the pacemaker impulses
45 long-term ECG analyser
46 magnetic tape for recording the ECG impulses during analysis
47 ECG monitor
48 automatic analysis on paper of the ECG rhythm
49 control knob for the ECG amplitude
50 program selector switches for the ECG analysis
51 charger for the pacemaker batteries
52 battery tester
53 pressure gauge (Am. gage) for the right cardiac catheter
54 trace monitor
55 pressure indicator
56 connecting lead to the paper recorder
57 paper recorder for pressure traces

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