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First Aid

1-13 emergency bandages
1 arm bandage
2 triangular cloth used as a sling (an arm sling)
3 head bandage (capeline)
4 first aid kit
5 first aid dressing
6 sterile gauze dressing
7 adhesive plaster (sticking plaster)
8 wound
9 bandage
10 emergency splint for a broken limb (fractured limb)
11 fractured leg (broken leg)
12 splint
13 headrest
14-17 measures for stanching the blood flow (tying up of, ligature of, a blood vessel)
14 pressure points of the arteries
15 emergency tourniquet on the thigh
16 walking stick used as a screw
17 compression bandage
18-23 rescue and transport of an injured person
18 Rautek grip (for rescue of victim of a car accident)
19 helper
20 injured person (casualty)
21 chair grip
22 carrying grip
23 emergency stretcher of sticks and a jacket
24-27 the positioning of an unconscious person and artificial respiration (resuscitation)
24 coma position
25 unconscious person
26 mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (variation: mouth-to-nose resuscitation)
27 resuscitator (respiratory apparatus, resuscitation apparatus), a respirator (artificial breathing device)
28-33 methods of rescue in ice accidents
28 person who has fallen through the ice
29 rescuer
30 rope
31 table (or similar device)
32 ladder
33 self-rescue
34-38 rescue of a drowning person
34 method of release (release grip, release) to free rescuer from the clutch of a drowning person
35 drowning person
36 lifesaver
37 chest grip, a towing grip
38 tired swimmer grip (hip grip)

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