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Physical Geography I

1-5 layered structure of the earth
1 earth's crust (outer crust of the earth, lithosphere, oxysphere)
2 hydrosphere
3 mantle
4 sima (intermediate layer)
5 core (earth core, centrosphere, barysphere)
6-12 hypsographic curve of the earth's surface
6 peak
7 continental mass
8 continental shelf (continental platform, shelf)
9 continental slope
10 deep-sea floor (abyssal plane)
11 sea level
12 deep-sea trench
13-28 volcanism (vulcanicity)
13 shield volcano
14 lava plateau
15 active volcano, a stratovolcano (composite volcano)
16 volcanic crater (crater)
17 volcanic vent
18 lava stream
19 tuff (fragmented volcanic material)
20 subterranean volcano
21 geyser
22 jet of hot water and steam
23 sinter terraces (siliceous sinter terraces, fiorite terraces, pearl sinter terraces)
24 cone
25 maar (extinct volcano)
26 tuff deposit
27 breccia
28 vent of extinct volcano
29-31 plutonic magmatism
29 batholite (massive protrusion)
30 lacolith, an intrusion
31 sill, an ore deposit
32-38 earthquake (kinds: tectonic quake, volcanic quake) and seismology
32 earthquake focus (seismic focus, hypocentre, Am. hypocenter)
33 epicentre (Am. epicenter), point on the earth's surface directly above the focus
34 depth of focus
35 Shockwave
36 surface waves (seismic waves)
37 isoseismal (line connecting points of equal intensity of earthquake shock)
38 epicentral area (area of macroseismic vibration)
39 horizontal seismograph (seismometer)
40 electromagnetic damper
41 adjustment knob for the period of free oscillation of the pendulum
42 spring attachment for the suspension of the pendulum
43 mass
44 induction coils for recording the voltage of the galvanometer
45-54 effects of earthquakes
45 waterfall (cataract, falls)
46 landslide (rockslide, landslip, Am. rock slip)
47 talus (rubble, scree)
48 scar (scaur, scaw)
49 sink (sinkhole, swallowhole)
50 dislocation (displacement)
51 solifluction lobe (solifluction tongue)
52 fissure
53 tsunami (seismic sea wave) produced by seaquake (submarine earthquake)
54 raised beach
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