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The Atmosphere

1 the troposphere
2 thunderclouds
3 the highest mountain, Mount Everest [8,882m]
4 rainbow
5 jet stream level
6 zero level (inversion of vertical air movement)
7 ground layer (surface boundary layer)
8 the stratosphere
9 tropopause
10 separating layer (layer of weaker air movement)
11 atomic explosion
12 hydrogen bomb explosion
13 ozone layer
14 range of sound wave propagation
15 stratosphere aircraft
16 manned balloon
17 sounding balloon
18 meteor
19 upper limit of ozone layer
20 zero level
21 eruption of Krakatoa
22 luminous clouds (noctilucent clouds)
23 the ionosphere
24 range of research rockets
25 shooting star
26 short wave (high frequency)
27 E-layer (Heaviside-Kennelly Layer)
28 F1-layer
29 F2-layer
30 aurora (polar light)
31 the exosphere
32 atom layer
33 range of satellite sounding
34 fringe region
35 altitude scale
36 temperature scale (thermometric scale)
37 temperature graph

Meteorology I

1-19 clouds and weather
1-4 clouds found in homogeneous air masses
1 cumulus (woolpack cloud, cumulus humilis, fair-weather cumulus), a heap cloud (flat-based heap cloud)
2 cumulus congestus, a heap cloud with more marked vertical development
3 stratocumulus, a layer cloud (sheet cloud) arranged in heavy masses
4 stratus (high fog), a thick, uniform layer cloud (sheet cloud)
5-12 clouds found at warm fronts
5 warm front
6 cirrus, a high to very high ice-crystal cloud, thin and assuming a wide variety of forms
7 cirrostratus, an ice-crystal cloud veil
8 altostratus, a layer cloud (sheet cloud) of medium height
9 altostratus praecipitans, a layer cloud (sheet cloud) with precipitation in its upper parts
10 nimbostratus, a rain cloud, a layer cloud (sheet cloud) of very large vertical extent which produces precipitation (rain or snow)
11 fractostratus, a ragged cloud occurring beneath nimbostratus
12 fractocumulus, a ragged cloud like 11 but with billowing shapes
13-17 clouds at cold fronts
13 cold front
14 cirrocumulus, thin fleecy cloud in the form of globular masses; covering the sky: mackerel sky
15 altocumulus, a cloud in the form of large globular masses
16 altocumulus castellanus and altocumulus floccus, species of 15
17 cumulonimbus, a heap cloud of very large vertical extent, to be classified under 1-4 in the case of tropical storms
18-19 types of precipitation
18 steady rain or snow covering a large area, precipitation of uniform intensity
19 shower, scattered precipitation
black arrow = cold air, white arrow = warm air

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