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Spanish combat boots by Iturri (with leather lining and "Panama"-type out-sole)

A big Spanish manufacturer of the boots - "ITURRI Group" was founded in 1947 by Juan Iturri Landajo as a company, dedicated to marine goods and cables, in the port of Seville. In the 1960s the business was transformed into an industrial and commercial group with a clear focus on customer service. During the 1970s the company operations expanded considerably throughout Spain (14 cities).

"Iturri" was a pioneer in the centralized supply of safety equipment and came its way from supplier to developer and manufacturer of its own products.

Their areas of activities included commercialization, design, manufacture, maintenance, leasing and distribution of all kinds of special industrial vehicles and, in particular, firefighters vehicles, cleaning, ambulances, rescue, civil protection, emergencies, rescue in height, as well as retail sale of clothing and footwear in specialized stores.

Since 1980s the company manufactures different apparel, equipment and footwear for personal and collective protection, fire, environmental and industrial protection equipment.

From 2008 the specialization of "ITURRI Group" embraces 4 big spheres of : Industry, Health, Emergencies and Defense &Security Forces.

What about military footwear, the center for production and logistics is situated in Huelva, Spain (Cra. Circunvalación 19. 21700 La Palma del Condado), while the uniform and apparel is manufactured in Tánger, Morocco ( P.I. Mghogha, Carretera de Tetuán c/ 2, 64. 9000).

By the outlook appearance, these Spanish combat boots look similar to the Military boots of the Netherlands - Model M90 (M400): they feature wide soft cushioned collar on the top edges of the boots, smooth and thick black leather (soft and hydrophobic), they also have straight-lined leather strap covering the rear side of the boots and the heel counter.

The rubber out-sole is glued to the thick leather mid-sole, which, in turn, is glued and stitched to boot's top (Goodyear welted construction).

The laing system is quite comfortable in use and consists of three pairs of simple round eyelets in the bottom, hook-clamp for fastening the laces and four pairs of speed-lace eyelets. The soft leather boot's tongue is padded as well and is stitched high almost to the upper side of the boot's top.

The speed-lacing eyelets are made of rust-less metal (brass) and bear the marking of the manufacturer (ITURRI). The lases are round-shaped in section and are made of reinforced double-layer nylon.

The inside of these boots are lined with yellow-colored smooth "glove"-leather, providing comfortable wear and absence of blisters (if the boot size was chosen correctly). The black-colored inner lining of the boot's tongue bears the manufacturer's name ("Iturri").

The out-sole tread pattern is an original Spanish version of the well-known American "Panama" sole, typical for modern black boots of the country's Armed Forces. The marking of the out-sole shows the manufacturer's name ("Iturri"), the name of it's innovative technology, "FORMULA ABRAX", which was implemented in the boots out-soles, the size in European metrics (Talla No. 40), and size and width in Mondopoint system (262-88).

"FORMULA ABRAX" - is a registered brand "ITURRI S.A.".

According to the digital publications of the "Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial, editado por la Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas" (Official Bulletin of Industrial Property, published by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office), the "FORMULA ABRAX" brand was approved on April 27, 1992 (Identificado de publicación (Publication ID): 683249).

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