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Canadian CADPAT-TW (Temperate Woodland) Camouflage Combat Boots

The Canadian Temperate Woodland (TW) Camouflage Pattern was introduced by the Canadian Forces (CF) in 1997 to replace progressively the Canadian Forces OD Green Combat Uniform since 2002.

The Woodland version of the Canadian Disruptive Pattern Digital Camouflage (CADPAT), which is based on the Pixelization of Black, Brown, Light Green and Dark Green colors was primarily designed for Temperate and Tropical Environments.

CADPAT is a computer-generated pattern, in which clear boundaries between distinct colors are virtually eliminated by using small pixels, creating the so-called "Dithering Effect" and incorporating Low-Contrast Near Infrared Protection designed to deceive Detection and Night-Vision devices.

The Danes say that the Canadian digital CADPAT is almost the same colours as the Danish M/84 (the Canadians "borrowed" the camouflage pattern colors from the Danish Army, which had done extensive scientific measurements of the colors in typical Danish nature), but there is a slight part of brown in the Canadian pattern however.

Different variations of CADPAT are widely used in many Military Forces all over the world (UCP, MARPAT® etc). The Canadian TW Camouflage Pattern is currently in use by all the branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Since 2002 the Canadian soldiers have been dressed in the CADPAT (Canadian Disruptive Pattern camouflage) uniform developed circa 1996 and also known as No.5 Operational Dress, available in 2 variants:

- the previously mentioned Temperate Woodland (TW);

- Arid Regions (AR) CADPAT, which is composed of 3 different shades of brown color.

As distinct from the very progressive and ultra-modern TW CADPAT camouflage, the combat jackets and pants, which were issued to the Canadian soldiers, were exactly of the same design as the standard "OG Combat Uniform" that had been adopted back in the year 1963 for all the branches of the Canadian Forces!

So after the year 2002 all the new field clothing (including brimmed combat hat, desert scarf, helmet and rucksack covers, fragmentation protective and tactical vest, etc.) and equipment became available in CADPAT.

Even after the Canadian involvement into the Allied operations in Afghanistan the Combat Uniform design has remained basically the same as in 1960s, though with some minor modifications like covering pockets buttons to prevent snagging on equipment.

Ironically, the time to update the uniform design came only after Canadian forces were going to left Afghanistan, having arrived there with only the TW version of CADPAT at first.

The transition to the Improved Combat Uniform (ICU, French UNIFORME DE COMBAT AMÉLIORÉ (UCA)) in the beginning in 2012 became the next redesign of the Canadian Combat Uniform since the 1960s. Actually it was not the introduction of a new type uniform but rather an improvement of the existing one based on operational feedback, that resulted in 17 modifications that made the Canadian uniform more close to the US Army Combat uniform (ACU).

In some sources this set is also called Canadian Enhanced Combat Uniform (ECU). This combat uniform should remain the standard field uniform of the Canadian Forces into the 21st Century.

Ironically, the updated Canadian uniform to great extent has become more ACU-like even as US Soldiers complain of the ACUs features. This caused many jokes among the Canadian military personnel. It is also worth mentioning, that the Canadian Forces Operational Clothing Team clearly stated that the national uniform would remain in CADPAT but not MultiCam, as distinct from other members of "Just-us" league like USA, UK and Australia, so Canada will be the only one not using it. The transition of the Canadian Forces to a new brown combat boot is also planned.

One could say that the CF make the improvements towards ACU by ignoring the dislike of US soldiers. The most serious complains with the ACU were the Velcro & zipper front closure and Velcro closures of the pockets, both flat ones on the chest and sleeve cargo pockets. But the modifications integrated into the Canadians ICU have become essentially modern military standard. Mutual borrowing of the neighbor's solutions is typical for US-Canadian relations: at first the US copied the Canadian camouflage design to make UCP, MARPAT etc., and then the Canadians copied the US ACU design.

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