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French Military boots BMJA Mle 52 - "Rangers marrons"

Since 1950-s the French army boots are used to be called the "Rangers", because of their resemblance with the American military boots model M-43 (model of the year 1943), which were issued the US paratroopers and rangers during the landing in Normandy. In French slang, "Rangers" also called "Rangeots" or simply "Rangos" (the pronunciation of these words are close to something like "Ranjo").

The American military boots model 1943, which has became the prototypes of the French "Rangers", are already very rare nowadays, and in their outward appearance they look very similar. The main differences of the American boots from the French ones:

- The out-soles are relatively smooth, with not protruding "mesh-like" tread pattern and American manufacturers labels (sewn along the welt of the sole and padded with boot nails in the instep area);

- Leather upper is softer and made more carefully(such boots rub the feet less and are easier to "break in");

- Smooth (most often) leather of the cuff with two buckles on top of the boots, while the French ones feature equally rough-out leather on the entire surface of the boot;

- The number of eyelets for the prongs of the cuff buckles supersedes those of the French scheme "5 + 4" (5 eyelets on the upper leather strap and 4 on the lower strap).

The soles of the boots presented at the photos below have the following indication of the manufacturers labeled:

- Goodyear (Wingfoot) / New Jersey Rubber Co.

- Endicott-Johnson (logo "EJ") - the company has managed to achieve the maximum output of production during the Korean and, especially, the Vietnam War:

It were the American military boots model M-43 which can be seen on the staged photos of Marlene Dietrich made during her concert tour for the US troops in Europe during World War II. The famous actress was dressed in the US military boots and uniform to show her support of the American troops.

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