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Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

New American Mildew & Water Resistant Black Combat Boots featured advanced deep lug design out-soles, more thick, "self-cleaning" and providing better adhesion to most surfaces than the conventional "chevron"-type tread.

New deep lug out-soles design resembles the tread pattern of tires, which were used in different military transport vehicles, jeeps and trucks, and even on the wheels of howitzers.

Figure 18

On the Figures 19-20 one can see the examples of the aforementioned US speed-lace boots, the early version (with non-integral out-sole)

Figure 19

and later version (with cast out-sole and manufacturer's name indicated on the sole - Wellco).

Figure 20

The soles of the early boots even show thin lined bars, which serve the reference points for precise heel attachment. The later revised version boots are single-cast and lacks these marks.

Figure 21

The both version of the boots have round-shaped "Ro-Search" logo on every sole. The presence and accuracy of this logo are the indicators of the original boots, the copy-cats usually unable to make exact and accurate stamp, because the quality of the out-soles can be achieved only with expensive DMS footwear manufacturing equipment. The manufacturers of fakes for these boots usually produce boots with not DMS soles, but with usual rubber soles, simply glued to the boot's top.

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