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Only the special care products ("for membranes") are suitable for these boots. Any conventional means of footwear care and protection can clog the pores of the membrane and significantly impair its properties. The membrane fabrics use to be clogged over time even from simple use, and that's well known to the owners of such kinds of boots.

The out-soles of 928/MON boots are made by the Italian company Vibram® (tread pattern Fuora®), they are "self-cleaning" and universal, provide good adhesion to different surfaces, wear-resistant and antistatic.

Depending on the manufacturer, on some batches of 928/MON boots the out-soles are made by another, less famous Italian manufacturer "DAVOS", which also provides boot out-soles for the Armed Forces of Italy and Switzerland. In any case, the out-sole are made of slippery-proof, wear-resistant, oil and petrol-resistant rubber with antistatic properties.

A pair of 928/MON boots weighs more than two kilograms - they are quite heavy even as for the military boots. Therefore, with all their comfort in use the owner of these boots must have sufficiently strong legs for long hikes in them. They work well in the cold season - at a temperature from about -20 C to +10 C.

928/MON are sturdy, high quality and easy to clean boots with good water resistant features. Due to their design, they usually do not rub the feet, under condition of proper choice of size/width. It is recommended to choose the boots 1-1.5 cm larger than the actual size of the feet.

Soft leather "collar" is stitched at the top of the boot, as well as on most modern Polish military boots. The design of these boots resembles the Swiss army boots model M-90 - both models have wide rubber rim on the boot's side (at the junction of the leather top and the out-sole), intended to protect the boot's top from damage when used in the mountains). Polish 928/MON boots also resemble Bundeswehr boots models 2005-2007 (construction with a minimum of seams , damping inserts on the back side, the design of the tongue, ventilation system etc.).

The lacing system consists of eight pairs of speed lacing D-rings or 4 rings below plus four pairs of lacing hooks on top. The elements of lacing system are allocated in two blocks: four pairs of lacing elements in the lower part and four pairs in the upper part of the lacing, in the middle part there is a pair of self-locking clamps for the laces.

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