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In the future, thanks to large-scale orders from the Norwegian Armed Forces and the appropriate investments, the "Samelin Ltd." company got the opportunity for sufficient development, and began supplying the Estonian military too. The Norwegian orders began, when "Alfa Skofabrik AS", the Norwegian developer and manufacturer of Norwegian M/77 military boots, chose "Samelin Ltd." as its subcontractor, installed their own equipment on-site and trained the local Estonian staff.

The successful technological development of the company, skilful work of Estonian specialists and relatively low cost of the products resulted in the fact, that tens of thousands of M/77 boots for the Norwegian Armed Forces are made in Estonia, but of leather raw materials imported from Norway.

Now the "Samelin Ltd." company is the largest footwear manufacturer in Estonia with the number of employees of about 200 people. The company, whose headquarters is located in Tartu city, is the member of the of Estonian Defence Industry Association and participates in the activities of SATRA Technology Centre.

The company mainly produces the military boots, compliant with safety standards, ISO 9001:2008 quality system and AQAP 120, for the army and police of Estonia and Norway.

In addition, the brand name "Samelin" means also the working and safety boots, and specialized footwear for hiking and skiing. The company competes in the international market as well.

Thus, according to the Estonian newspaper "Eesti Päevaleht" of September 17, 2008, "Samelin Ltd." managed to win the tender for the military boots procurement (8000 pairs) for the Bundeswehr and some other NATO armies, having left behind twenty other companies participating in the tender...".

According to Mrs. Leida Kikka, the owner of the company, the manufacture of military boots is quite a complicated process because of the high quality requirements. The manufacturer can not reduce the cost of the process through the use of less expensive and worse in quality materials. At the same time, combat boots do not become obsolete in terms of fashion and do not change according to fashion trends. It is necessary to set up production and one can produce the same model for years.

The traditions of footwear production at the company, which has became "Samelin Ltd." later, date back to the year 1945. In its present form the company operates since 1994, when such famous Scandinavian companies as "Haglöfs" and "Alfa Skofabrik AS" chose this Estonian company as a subcontractor. The investments and technology infusions allowed to organize the cutting-edge production, on which most of the boots are made for Norwegian and Estonian military and police forces.

Some photos show the new Estonian "pixel" camouflage ESTDCU (Estonian Digital Camouflage Uniform), which by its colouring is much more suitable for local Estonian natural conditions and should gradually replace the old-style camouflage, which was actually a version of the Soviet-era "three-color camouflage". The new Estonian ESTDCU camouflage was developed in the years 2005-2006 by the local designer Andres Lüll in cooperation with the Centre for Logistics of the Estonian Armed Forces. Since 2007, Estonia began to transfer gradually its Armed Forces, starting with the ground forces and Kaytseliit to this new ESTDCU "pixel" camouflage, which was clearly modelled on the Canadian CADPAT (Canadian Armed Forces Temperate design) camouflage.

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