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Hungarian Military Boots

The most common boots of the Hungarian People's Army (Magyar Néphadsereg, abbreviated MN) is model M65/75, known in Hungary as "surranó". The Hungarian army boots differ from the other military boots with oval-shaped lacing eyelets, made of non-ferrous metal (bronze). The lacing system consists of 3 pairs of eyelets in the lower part of the lacing, and 4 pairs at the upper part. The main boot's colour is brown, the leather of the top is smooth, fairly thick and quite sturdy.

Oval shaped form of eyelets is the most characteristic feature of the traditional Hungarian military footwear in general, and of cavalry in particular. As an example, one can mention "Bilgeri", the Hungarian red cavalry boots (actually high boots with attached leather leggings). On the photo one can see six pairs of oval eyelets for leather laces, which, in turn, are characterized by rectangular cross-section.

The laces of the contemporary Hungarian boots are "flat' as well.

Another peculiar feature of the Hungarian military footwear is a belt fastener with a buckle on the top of each boot. Initially it was a single-strap fastener with one tooth buckle, but later two-straps fasteners were introduced.

In fact, that were the same boots as the previous one-belt fastener boots, but this difference has made the appearance of popular mistake: even on the Hungarian thematic web-forums the double-straps boots are often called the "officer's" boots. Actually, there are no specialized Hungarian field boots for the soldiers and the officers. For example, we can see the photo, where the Hungarian recruits try on the brown M65 boots with two buckles.

The Hungarian "surranó" military boots have both solid and reliable design, and very good quality. The inside part of the boots (stitching and overall design) reminds the French military boots BMJA Mle.52 (Brodequin de Marche à Jambière Attenante), i.e. the famous "Rangers".

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