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In those years the German Third Reich was a pioneer in the creation of high-laced boots for paratroopers, and the first experimental model of such boots featured the tilted side-lacing located on the outer sides of the boots, and the out-soles were made of natural caoutchouc (rubber resin). Further on, the tilted side-lacing system proved to be impractical, and the second model of the Luftwaffe paratrooper's boots featured usual straight lacing.

In the early years the Czechoslovakian M60 boots had light red lining inside (as the early French black boots BMJA 65 "Rangers"), later they were black inside.

Very often inside the leather cuff there was marking with the size, manufacturer's info, serial number and other data. The most famous manufacturer of Czechoslovak army boots, of course, is "Prabos" company, which is active even nowadays.

The main colour of the Czechoslovak army boots was black, but brown boots were produced as well, though in much smaller batches.

To preserve and protect the waterproof features of the Czechoslovakian leather boot it was recommended to apply special boot polish, based on the composition of natural and synthetic waxes, and this Czech-developed product was not worse than any Western one.

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