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Danish Army Boots Model M03 (JOLLY® Explorer)

Danish model M03 army boots JOLLY® Explorer with GORE-TEX® membrane (JOLLY® Explorer GORE-TEX® M03 Militærstøvler) are manufactured by "LeBOCK" company, the contract supplier of the Danish Armed Forces.

These boots model of the year 2003 (M03) are made of black thick hydrophobic cowhide and features GORE-TEX® membrane fabric lining.

These boots can rightfully be called safe boots, not only because they meet the requirements of EN ISO 20347 European safety standard for specialized boots, but also because the out-soles of JOLLY® Explorer M03 boots are protected from punctures by three-layer Kevlar (thin but durable multi-layer polymeric material) inner sole, which is installed on top of a two-component nitrile rubber protector (oil and petrol-resistant, antistatic and resistant to the temperatures up to +300 C).

The laces of these boots are made of Nomex®, a fireproof material, which is typically used for tank and aviation coveralls. The height of the boot is 27 cm for size 42, the weight of a single boot is 1080 grams.

The specific characteristics of these boot caused quite high price of 2,180 Danish Kroner, or just over 282 Euros.

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Military Boots of Greece

The Greek army boots ("Áρβυλα ελληνικού στρατού" - "Arbula ellinikos stratos") are used as a field footwear in all branches of the Armed Forces of Greece.

For many years they were unchanged in their design, and only recently, just 5 years ago, new versions of Greek army boots began to appear. This was due to the requirements of time and active participation of the Greek military in the UN and NATO peacekeeping and stabilization operations of the recent years.

The great bulk of military boots (about 85%), supplied to the Greek Army, Air Force, Navy and the Coast Guard, are manufactured by "PYRGOS" ("Pyrgos boots - Army Boots and boots Factory"). This Greek company also provides at least 3/4 of all its sales of military footwear to the civil specialty stores. This company was the first major domestic industrial corporation, which began supplying boots to the Armed Forces massively throughout the whole country.

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