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US "Jungle" Boots with "Vibram®"-type out-soles

The "jungle" boots ("Boot, Combat, Tropical, Mildew Resistant") were developed by U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center in the framework of military specification MIL-B-11431, publish date: September 6, 1951-09-06, the last revision of which is MIL-B-11431C of March 31, 1960.

The First Pattern "jungle" boots went in production circa 1962. The manufacturer's info and the date of production at that time used to be located on a white textile tag that was sewn into the tongue of the boot.

These boots featured black leather and OG107 olive green canvas upper, but they lacked the nylon ankle reinforcing band of the later patterns boots. The key peculiarities of the First Pattern boots were: leather band at the top of the boot and a leather backstay that ran from the heel to the top of the boot. These boots also featured the first DMS (Direct Molded Sole where the sole was bonded to the upper in the process of vulcanization) soles and the "Vibram®"-type tread pattern out-sole.

The Second Pattern "jungle" boots went in production a couple years later, circa mid-1965, they also featured black leather and OG107 canvas upper and DMS "Vibram®"-type soles. The improvement over the First Pattern "jungles" consisted in the change of material of the bands at top and from heel to top (the leather was changed by nylon).

The Second Pattern boots still lacked an ankle reinforcement on the sides and they also featured the same "Vibram®"-type soles as the First Pattern boots.

The Third Pattern "jungle" boots featured the same upper construction as the previous Second Pattern boots but with the addition of a nylon ankle reinforcement bands on both sides of the boots to reinforce the overall construction. At all there were two types of the out-soles: "Vibram®" and "Panama".

The Third Pattern "jungle" boots with the same "Vibram®" out-soles of the First and Second Pattern "jungle" boots were improved in 1966 with the introduction of the new Spike Protective Sole (as it was told before, this feature consisted in bonding of a stainless steel plate into the footbed of the DMS "Vibram®" out-sole).

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