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Important notice: we do not sell any boots! The prices are given for information purposes only!


Bota Nervión - Spanish Police Boots of the Ertzaintza (Autonomous Police of the Basque Country) (BOTA DE SERVICIO DE LA ERTZAINTZA)

"Bota Nervión" are the boots, currently used by the Autonomous Police of the Basque Country (the Ertzaintza), Mr. Oscar Velázquez from Spanish Civil Guard has informed. These police boots are made of combined materials - high-quality leather and fire retardant, meta-aramid material developed by DuPont company back in the 1960-s.

Compared with the more familiar nylon, nomex (a meta-aramid polymer) is more solid and durable, however, in terms of mechanical properties and strength, nomex is inferior to Kevlar (para-aramid polymer). However nomex is characterized by excellent thermal, chemical, and radiation resistance and is widely used in creation clothing and equipment that can withstand intense heat and intended for firemen, military, space technologies, etc.

The hard rubber out-sole tread pattern with high non-slip coefficient and designed to fit all types of terrain, while the polyurethane mid-sole provides better comfort of wear. The boots also feature "GORE-TEX" breathable waterproof membrane.

The lacing system consists of seven pairs of simple round eyelets and a pair of hook clamps for keeping the high-strength, water-resistant and flame retardant laces in proper position.

The boots are compliant with International and European standard ISO 20347: 2007 "Personal protective equipment — Occupational footwear".

These boots are available on the manufacturer's web-site at a price of 129,95 € (on July 2017), the range of boots sizes are from 36 to 47.

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