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In the Dutch Armed Forces there are also used the boots, similar to the model M90-M400 (type S3), but certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345 safety requirements and produced by "Lavoro", a Portuguese company.

The word "LAVORO" is the Portuguese acronym formed from the first letters of the words denoting the corporate values:

L = Luso (word for commitment to the Portuguese identity);

A = Activo (activity);

V = Verdade (true);

O = Ousadia (confidence);

R = Responsabilidade (liability);

O = Ordem (order).

Certain modifications (e.g., model M11) can be fitted with standard lacing system (top five pairs of bronze "MARK"-made eyelets of quick lacing system, a pair of hook clamps to fix the lacing and two pairs of simple round eyelets at the bottom).

The other versions in their design have no metal at all (100% of metal parts are replaced with plastic, and the usual round eyelets are used instead of speed lacing system).

The standard metal detectors, which are used to ensure security at airports and other facilities just don't react on such boots. The lining of such boots is standard for the new versions boots it is made of soft leather with insulation. The sole is not standard military one, but it is close to "sports shoes" type, being equipped with "Clima Cork", a climate control support system. The available sizes of such boots are from 35 to 47 in European metric.

Some batches of such boots can be supplied from "Lavoro" plants, located in Italy.

All the M90 boots, depending on the manufacturer and the destination, have small differences in the shape of the sole and the heel, and the tread pattern as well.

The Netherlands�s marines used a type of boots featuring longitudinal grooves on the heels, with the soles made of solid vulcanized rubber. The boots without such grooves, but with softer out-soles of nitrile rubber, have been delivered to the ordinary army units. The tread patterns of both types out- soles were also different.

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