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Norwegian "Desert" Boots

The Kingdom of Norway is quite an active member of NATO and takes an active part in all the overseas operations of the Alliance. The Norwegian army boots manufacturer has developed a series of advanced models of "desert" boots in addition to standard M/77 military boots.

As an example, let's consider a couple of such models. The first of them is a composite structure type boots, in which the breathable synthetic materials are used in conjunction with top-quality and wear-resistant suede. These boots are sandy-colored, with three lower "D"-shaped semicircular rings and five hooks for speed lacing.

The outsole of these boots is made by "Davos", an Italian manufacturer of soles for standard Italian and Swiss army boots. In terms of quality and durability, the level of "Davos" products is approximately equal to "Vibram SpA", the famous manufacturer of high quality outsoles, named in honor of it's founder - Vitale Bramani. However, "Davos" is just less "promoted" and famous in the world.

The second type of Norwegian "desert" boots are of more dark color, and the lacing system is provided by 7 "D"-shaped semi-circular rings. The outsole is composite by its structure and provides good thermal insulation.

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