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Special women's footwear was provided by the French Armed Forces for the female personnel. For example, more light and elegant boots for female Gendarmerie officers were made of smooth leather and had out-soles with tread pattern of shallow strips.

For some military units, such as medical personnel, there were some models of grainy leather boots with large-scale serrated tread pattern out-soles and zippers on the inner sides of the boot for easy pulling the boots on and off.

A pair of new original French BM65 "Rangers" boots with two buckles are quite expensive - up to 120 Euros. But demand creates proposal, and there are many commercial copies and even "fakes" of different quality on the boots market. Such copies of the French military boots cost 3-4 times cheaper, and the cheapest of them (the model with smooth leather and steel toe-cap) have almost nothing in common with original French boots, being just a parody of them.

Such commercial copies are produced by different companies, starting from "MilTEC", "MFH" and "ROTHCO" and finishing with Asian "No-name" brands. The quality of all these copies is definitely lower than of the original boots. The lacing system of such "fake" boots could have from 6 to 7 pairs of eyelets, the real French boots have number of eyelets from 7 (Army model) to 8 pairs (version for paratroopers).

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