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The soles are made of hard water-resistant vulcanized rubber. The tread pattern of the sole is of Danish design, with fine grooving, which does not clog small stones and mud, and thus they are not too slippery on ice.

In early models of Danish military boots the soles used to be reinforced by additional fixtures: brass screws in the middle of the foot, and sometimes on the toes and heels. Later the sole used to be fastened with simply glueing.

"Rangers" (BMJA 65 or BM65) - the Boots of the French Armed Forces

The distinctive and very recognizable appearance of the French soldiers is gradually receding into the past under the pressure of the trends of uniforms and equipment unification. Such unification occurs both in the NATO countries, as in the other militarily advanced countries of the world, which are not members of the Alliance.

The French military boots "Rangers" (also called "Rangeos" or "Rangeots"), as they are called by the French servicemen, are easily recognizable among all the other military boots. These regular French military boots (Rangers réglementaires de l'Armée Française) complete the appearance of a French soldier from the late 1970s to the 2010s.

The full name of these boots in French are: "Rangers" BMJA 65 (Brodequin de Marche à
Jambière Attenante) or just "Rangers" BM65
(Brodequin de Marche modèle 65).

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