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As a lot of old-style military uniform sets are still kept on Finnish military warehouses, the soldiers of Finland often use to be issued sets of M62 model uniform along with M91 model boots ("Varsikengät M91-jalkineen"). Often one can see a mixed-style general appearance, for example, M05 type camouflage uniform together with M91 model boots, or vice versa: the boots of the new model in combination with old M62 camouflage uniform.

The boots of M05 version, lined with "Gore Tex"-type membrane material are more expensive and cost up to 210 Euros in Finland, but the high price is pre-determined by the high price of the materials used.

I can not say that these new boots follow the new trend "minimum of seams - maximum water-resistance", their tailoring involves a lot more stitches than it could be. Moreover, the lacing system of the simple round eyelets can also be considered obsolete.

One can say that lightweight boots for "paratroopers", manufactured by "Jalas" company, follow the tradition of old-style boots which were in use prior to the model M91: such is the overall style, the soft leather cushion on top of the boot and the lacing system consisting of 11 pairs of eyelets round. The gluing and stitching method of out-soles mounting gave way to a more progressive "DMS - Direct Molded Sole" method, that facilitated the use of more lightweight out-soles made the joint between leather and out-sole really waterproof. The price of these boots in Finland is about 145 Euros.

Finnish Black Army Boots for Hot Climate

The soldiers of Finland who are currently involved in peace-keeping operations in different "hot spots" of the world under a UN mandate use the same "desert boots" manufactured by HAIX as their German or Belgian colleagues. However, the Finnish footwear manufacturer "Jalas" has developed lightweight black shoes Model M05 for hot climates.

These Finnish army boots are styled similar to American black "jungle boots", which replaced the traditional green "jungle boots" of the mid-1990s and were made of composite materials: leather and "Cordura" nylon. Similarly to the black American boots, these Finnish boots feature soft "Cordura" cushion on the top and stitched-down reinforcing stripes of denser nylon on both sides of the boot in order to enhance the overall robustness and extra protection for the malleolus bones.

The out-sole also differs - it is new, just the same as in standard Finnish M05 boots. The lacing system is mixed: four lower pair of simple round eyelets are combined with four pairs of "MARK" speed lacing eyelets. The insole is removable, antibacterial and shock-absorbing.

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