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The fifth model of East German jump boots can be characterized by the absence of semi-circular pad on the boot's counter, as well as by replacement of fine mesh pattern soft rubber soles with the polyurethane ones. The tread of such boots featured with clear and distinct tread pattern of circles and ovals.

These boots also featured more progressive direct molded soles. The fourth and the fifth models did not feature soft leather cushion at the top, because leather cushions are usually not used on the boots with leather cuffs and buckles.

The flap of the boot's tongue is "enclosed", i.e. sewn to the boot's top along its all length. The tongue has the same leather thickness as the boots top. The jump boots of this type were produced from 1985 to about 1990, actually until the end of the GDR.

The marking the fifth model of jump boots can be seen on the inside leather lining, under the insole, and on the outsole as well. The insoles of these boots were made of white felt or synthetic fiber. On the provided photos one can see marking 28,5 (size in mm - "Mondopoint" system and purple army stamps. On the polyurethane soles the letter designations of manufacturer ("GJS"), boots width ("G") and, again, the size ("28,5") were indicated.

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