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Important notice: we do not sell any boots! The prices are given for information purposes only!


Danish "Jungle" Boots Model M/94

The "jungle" boots of the Danish Armed forces are to great extent the analogous to the standard Danish M/58 military boots (model of the year 1958)which have been used for decades with minimal modifications.

These boots are available in two versions - in green and black colours.

The out-sole of the black boots is the same as on the standard full-leather M/58 boots, the lacing system consists of ten pairs of simple round eyelets for black boots, and nine pairs for green boots

The black "jungle" boots of Denmark are made mostly of leather (namely, toe, counter, lacing system folds and an the upper cuff), while the green boots are almost entirely made of fabric material, with the exception of the leather stripes of the lacing system, on the "cuffs" of the boot's top and on the both sides of the boots.

Inside the leather "cuffs" on the boot's top one can find the marking the Danish Armed Forces: the Royal Crown logo at the top, the year of production and the abbreviation (HMAK = Hærens MAterielKommando) - the Administration of material supplies management of the Danish Armed Forces. Sin such a way, 19HMAK94 means that these boots were manufactured in the year 1994 and were approved by HMAK.

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