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Important notice: we do not sell any boots! The prices are given for information purposes only!

Czech Republic

Czech Army "Jungle" Boots Model 95 (AČR boty vz95)

The Czech "jungle" boots with camouflage pattern top (boty vz95) are provided to the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic since the mid-1990s.

The boot's top is composite and is made of:

- Smooth black cowhide leather with antimicrobial impregnation;

- Fabric material of the Czech camouflage pattern of the year 1995 (vz 95).

The out-sole is made of black solid vulcanized rubber with tread pattern of standard classic "Vibram".

The early models of these boots were made without reinforcing slant side strips of leather on the sides, and the lower part of the boots top are made of leather in a way that resemble conventional leather over-boots. Thus, the feet are less exposed to the overheating by the sun and the air exchange is easier, but this resulted in reducing of the construction robustness. The Austrian military footwear designers solved this problem by adding an auxiliary leather jumper between the toe and the lacing system.

The later versions of these boots already featured reinforcing slant side strips of leather on the sides. The rear sides of the boots from the top to move the boot's counter were made of leather as well.

The lacing system consists of two pairs of simple round eyelets in the lower part of the lacing and five pairs of D-shaped lacing rings above. The laces themselves are of circular cross section.

In the Czech Republic these boots can be purchased for 900 CZK, that is about 33 Euros (December 2013).

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