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All these kinds of boots make use of classic "Vibram" (VItale BRAMani) type sole, with the sole tread pattern familiar to the one developed and patented in 1937 by the creator of this kind of soles himself, Vitale Bramani (life time 1900-1970), which he called "Carrarmato" ("tank track").

Austria is mainly mountainous, Alpine country, and this fact can not affect the design of its army boots. Among the Austrian military boots, it is worth mentioning the specialized ski boots, which were differed in appearance in different years.

On the photo one can see an example of warm medium height lace-up boots, with two buckles leather cuffs at the top. Judging by the markings embossed on the skin from the outside, these boots date back to the 1970s, with outer soles of hard rubber soles, with glued and stitched soles, and the manufacturer is indicated on the stamps inside of the leather cuff with 2 buckles.

The heavy Austrian "ankle boots" (both early and late models) are often mistakenly referred to as "officer's boots", sometimes even "officer's mountaineering boots" on different forums or online trading websites This is nothing more than a leisurely fiction caused by the inertia of thinking and commitment to long outdated notions about what a soldier's boots should be more simple and worse in quality than officer's footwear. According to such opinions, if the boots are very nice and high in quality, the "they do not provide ordinary soldiers with such boots, or very few soldiers can get such boots at all".

In fact it is the most common army boots worn by all the Austrian troops in the appropriate season and suitable weather and landscape conditions. There are many pictures of the Austrian military personnel in such boots, starting from ordinary soldiers to generals in the field uniform. And indeed the field uniform of the soldiers, officers and generals, as it should be in the armies of the civilized countries, are remarkably different only in ranks, but absolutely not cut, furniture or fabric quality. Only the parade uniform of soldiers and officers is different, and then only as a tribute to the old military traditions.

The early models of heavy boots had the outsoles with unique Austrian design tread, sometimes colloquially called "Steinkogler" or "Edelweiss" (under the name of the manufacturers of the boots and outsoles).

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