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Concerning army boots for hot and dry climate (made of nubuck and canvas, beige-coloured) and for hot and humid climate (green and black-coloured, made of leather and canvas), one could mention that they are generally based on the same model, combining natural leather and durable breathable fabric (canvas). The Austrians have developed these boots themselves, and this kind of footwear has some unique features:

- The leather toecaps does not reach the leather bands with lacing fittings, but the junction between these two parts is provided with a leather jumper (a leather strip) that makes the connection and the whole construction much more reliable;

- The lacing system consists of four pairs of D-shaped half-rings and four pairs of hooks speed lacing;

- The tongue of canvas and leather forms a single construction with leather strips, keeping the lacing fittings. This design differs from the traditional system, for example, an American one, where the tongue is covered from both sides with fastening lacing system;

- The counter of the Austrian army boots look similarly to the counters of early American jungle boots, except that the top of the boot - the Austrians use not wide nylon strip, but a thin strip of tissue lining that protects the fabric thread on top from disarranging.

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